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4178 Bluebird Drive
Morganton, NC, 28655

(828) 584-7359

Farm Meats: Pastured Pork, Beef, Chicken, and Lamb. Fed Certified Organic Grains.  

Farm Vegetables: Growing using organic methods.  

Morganton, North Carolina


Bluebird Farm Pasture Chicken

We raise our chickens outside with full access to fresh pasture and certified organic grains.  


Pastures and forest, Certified Organic Grains

What's unique about our chicken? Diverse organic grains, fresh air, sunshine, grass, shaded forest, and room to roam produces deliciously flavored, tender meat. 

Our pastured chickens forage for grass, clover, and insects. Their forage diet supplements a high-quality certified organic grain ration. 

Certified Organic Grains
Our pastured chickens are fed certified organic grains their whole lives.  The grains are never genetically modified or grown with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides.  Organic grains are grown in planned crop rotations that build up the quality and fertility of the farm soil while producing wholesome grains for people and animals. 

Our chickens are never fed antibiotics because they don’t need any. Our chickens are raised in a healthy outdoor environment eliminating the usage of sub-therapeutic antibiotics. When chickens have room on pasture, fresh air, and eat green plants and insects they maintain a strong immune system. Fresh air and plenty of fresh pasture provides a "real chicken" life!

Healthy chickens mean healthy, flavorful meat!  Our chickens are moist and tender and taste like real chicken!  Pastured chicken has less fat that conventional chicken, so cooking times may be a bit shorter. 


Freedom Rangers Breed
We raise Freedom Rangers, hardy meat chickens that excels in free range pastures.  Our chickens are bred for flavor, large size, tenderness, and hardiness.  We care for our tiny day old chicks in the warmth, sunlight, and fresh air of our baby chick brooder shelter until the chicks have fully feathered at about 4 weeks.  The feathered chicks are moved to portable pasture coops and can withstand rain and temperature fluctuations while ranging over the pastures and through the forest.  The chickens range from the pasture coops to the grass pastures to the forest's shade throughout the day.


Flavorful whole chicken- ready to broil, roast, or slow cook

Cut up chicken- breast, thighs, drumsticks, wings, bones