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4178 Bluebird Drive
Morganton, NC, 28655

(828) 584-7359

Farm Meats: Pastured Pork, Beef, Chicken, and Lamb. Fed Certified Organic Grains.  

Farm Vegetables: Growing using organic methods.  

Morganton, North Carolina


Meat+Veg Main Season


Share our Harvest

Main Season Harvest


Share our harvest with Community Supported Agriculture! We offer vegetable, egg, chicken, beef, and pork shares. Vegetable share members receive a "Farmer's Pick" assortment of seasonal, fresh vegetables and herbs weekly for 20 weeks from mid–May to the end of September.   Our vegetable share members receive weekly newsletters about the farm with special seasonal recipes.   Our beef, egg, and pork shares complete the delicious variety of our farm's bounty throughout the growing season.  


How It Works- Types of Shares, Pickup Locations, Prices and Member Details

Types Of Shares

Vegetable Box Share
Weekly, Wednesday May 9th- Wednesday September 19th

Enjoy a season of fresh vegetables from our farm for 20 weeks. Taste the flavors of the earth and the season each week.
The amount of vegetables in your weekly box varies slightly depending on the season and the weather.  

Small Share- $400. Vegetables and herbs, suitable for two adults, average of $20/week
Large Share- $500. Vegetables and herbs, suitable for two adults and two children, average of $25/week   >>See examples of vegetables<<                                                

we are growing for you text with hoophouse.jpg

Morganton Market Share
Entire Morganton Farmers Market season: April 28- October 28th

When you purchase a Morganton Market Share at the beginning of the year,  you'll get credit to shop from our seasonal market selection throughout the entire Saturday Morganton Market season.  That's 28 Saturdays to choose from our farm food at market, and we'll keep your tab and totals for you.  We'll have our seasonal vegetables, pork, beef, chicken, and eggs to choose from.  On vacation? Don't worry, you do not have to come to market every week. 2018 credit must be used by 12/15/18. Have more questions? See more details here.<<

Pint Sized Market Share- $250. Use your credit towards our farm food at the Saturday Morganton Farmers Market. Average of $8.93 per week over 28 weeks at market.
Basket Sized Market Share- $500. Use your credit towards our farm food at the Saturday Morganton Farmers Market. Average of $19 per week over 28 weeks at market.

sold out... Egg Share  
Season: Add-on with weekly Veggie Box, mid May- September

**Must also sign up for a vegetable share. Limited number.
Eggs from Bluebird Farm’s outdoor pasture hens.  Our wonderful hens receive a diet of non-medicated grains and have plenty of space to hunt, scratch, take dust baths, and generally be real chickens.  Our fresh eggs are delicious! Purchasing an egg share is the best way to guarantee that you get our delicious free range pastured eggs.  

Sold Out...Egg Share--1 dozen eggs every week (20 dozen per season)

Pork Share   
Season: late April-August
3 share pickups- late April, June, and August


At each of the 3 pork share pickup you'll receive a variety pack of our delicious pork.  Expect bone in thick chops, country sausage, a mix of our 4 most popular sausages- Farm Sustainer and Farm Guild shares include cuts like roasts and spare ribs.

Our pigs are fed organic grains and roam outdoors in the spring, summer, and fall and have a spacious sunny hoopbarn with deep bedded hay and wood chips in the winter.

How much of our pasture pork do you want to have on hand?

Farm Supporter, small pork share, sausage and chop sampler
3 variety packs. approx 8 pounds every pickup/ 1 pound per week/ approx 24 pounds for season. $200 total
Perfect for people who love the quality of our meat and want to explore having our meat in their kitchen every week. 

Farm Sustainer, medium pork share, sausage, chops, roast, and ribs.
3 variety packs. approx 11 pounds every pickup/ 1-2 pounds per week/ approx 34 pounds for season. $300 total
Great for people who want to include more of our delicious pasture pork on their personal menu.

Farm Cultivator Guild, large pork share, a full variety of delicious pasture pork.
3 variety packs. approx 17 pounds every pickup/ 2 pounds per week/ approx 51 pounds for season. $450 total
Example of a large variety pack: 6 thick bone in pork chops, 1 shoulder roast, 5 packs of ground Country sausage, 2 packs of link or ground Sweet Italian sausage, 2 packs of link Bratwurst sausage, 2 packs of spare ribs.

Beef Share   
Season: late April-August share
Pickups- late April, June, and August

At each of the 3 beef share pickups you'll receive a variety pack of of our delicious beef. Our steers are grazed year round on grass pastures and are rotated weekly to fresh grass. Small supplemental rations of non-GMO brewer's barley helps develop marbling in our flavorful, pasture raised beef. Our beef is raised in partnership with with our family friend and farming mentor on the highland hillside pastures of the farm we lease.  

How much of our pasture beef do you want to have on hand?

Farm Supporter, small ground beef share, ground beef lovers
3 bundles. 8 pounds (1 lb packages of ground beef) every pickup/ 1 pound per week/ approx 24 pounds for season. $180 total

Farm Sustainer, medium beef share, medium mix of ground beef, roasts, steaks, stew beef
3 variety packs. approx 8-10 pounds every pickup/ 1 pound+ per week/ approx 28 pounds for season. $240 total

Farm Cultivator Guild, large beef share
3 variety packs. approx 12-15 pounds every pickup/ 1-2 pounds per week/ approx 42 pounds for season. $360 total
examples of CSA beef share variety packs. 1st share: 10 packs of ground beef,  1 beef roast,  2 packs of stew beef.  2nd share: 9 packs of ground beef, 2 NY strip steaks, 2 sirloin steaks. 3rd share: 7 packs of ground beef, 2 packs of stew beef, 1 roast, 2 one pound ribeye steaks.

Mixed Pork + Beef Share   
Season: late April-August share
Pickups- late April, June, and August

At each of the 3 share pickups you'll receive a variety pack of of our delicious ground beef and pork sausages. 

Farm Supporter, small ground beef and sausage mixed share, 
3 pickups. 4 pounds ground beef + 4 pounds pork sausage= 8 pounds (1 lb packages of meat) every pickup
1 pound per week/ approx 24 pounds for season. $180 total

No Chicken Share

Thank you for your continued support through the years.
We will not be raising chickens in 2018, and we will not raise chickens for an undetermined amount of time.

North Carolina's only poultry processor for independent farmers like Bluebird Farm closed in the fall of 2017, causing severe problems for hundreds of small independant family farms in the region.  For more info about the closure, see the bottom of this webpage.

The absence of our pasture chicken enterprise is a financial blow to our farm.  Please consider purchasing more of our other farm food like veggies, beef, and pork to help us make up an income shortfall for this year. Add a pork or beef share if you've never tried them before- we've added a small pork and small beef just for you to join our CSA and support our farm.

Pickup Locations

Bluebird Farm
Vegetable Box, Egg, Beef, Pork Shares: Wednesday from 4-6pm at Bluebird Farm. Directions to the farm available at  Pickup your shares in the walk-in fridge at the barn. 

Wednesday Hickory Farmers' Market
Vegetable Box, Egg, Beef, Pork Shares: Wednesday 10-2pm. Pick up your shares at the Wednesday Hickory Farmers Market. Please pickup vegetables as early as possible to ensure fresh vegetables.   

Morganton Natural Foods
Vegetable Box, Egg, Beef, Pork Shares: Wednesday from 4-6pm. Pickup your veggie share and egg share at Morganton Natural Foods, 306 South Sterling Street.  Please thank the kind people at Morganton Natural Foods for hosting our CSA pickup location! Morganton Natural Foods closes promptly at 6pm.

*Saturday Morganton Farmers' Market* 
 Beef, Pork, Egg, Market Style Shares: Plus Morganton Market Shares:
*Vegetable Box Shares are not available at this pickup.
* If you want to purchase "protein" shares, (chicken, egg, beef pork) we have a limited amount of shares that can be picked up at the Saturday Morganton Farmers Market from 8-noon. Please email to sign-up for these "protein" only shares.

Saturday Charlotte Regional Farmers Market
Vegetable Box, Egg, Beef, Pork Shares: Saturday from 8am-noon.  Pickup your shares at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market.

What if I can't pickup my share? 

Vegetable shares: Refunds are not offered for missed weeks.
You must contact us at least 48 hours in advance to arrange one of the following:
1. You can arrange pickup with us at the farm or at a farmers market later in the week. 
2. Find a friend or family member to pickup your share or give it to them.
3. We can donate your vegetables to a family in need. 
4. We can offer 1 vacation hold per season, but only with advance notice of at least 48 hours. The replacement box of vegetables will be sent after the end of the season on Wednesday Sept. 30th (the first week of the fall CSA). You can get this box IF you gave us advance notice of the vacation hold AND you email us in the month of September to confirm that you want your replacement box. Your reminder email helps us keep our ducks in a row. (If you purchase a veg share in the fall CSA, you won't pay for the 1st week of vegetables.)
Eggs, chickens, beef, and pork shares:  These shares are more easily saved for you. However, you must contact us at least 48 hours in advance to arrange alternative pickup arrangements for the eggs, chicken, beef, and pork.


A deposit of $200 is due upon sign-up.  Full payment is due by May 1st or 45 days after signing up if you sign up after May 1st.
Payment by check or credit card. There is a 2.9% credit card or Pay Pal fee. 
We offer a 3% discount for payment in full upon sign-up, whether you pay with check or credit. There is still a 2.9% fee if you pay with credit. 
Please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone to arrange other payment options or special financial requests! We want your family to eat our farm food! Remember, we're more than happy to break your membership total into monthly payments by check if you email us. For example: $200 deposit upon signup plus 3 monthly payments. Arrange more monthly payments if you'd prefer.
All vegetable prices are based on a 20 week total amount. The amount of vegetables in your box each week may vary depending on the season and the weather.
CSA Veggie Box administration charge: $7/year. This helps us cover some of the additional time spent organizing, packing, writing newsletters, and generally providing you with the best possible service for our members.
Morganton Natural Foods pick-up fuel surcharge: $10/year. If you select Morganton Natural Foods there is a fuel surcharge to reflect our added costs delivering to town.
Returning Member Discounts for Vegetable Box Share + Morganton Market Basket Sized Share : $20 discount. You must enter your email address from last year into the green box on the first sign up page before signing up, so the registration system will apply the discount.

Sharing in the risk

As a CSA member you purchase a share of the harvest.  However, CSA members also share the risk of a reduced vegetable harvest due crop failure.  We take great pride in our ability to grow great vegetables and we always try our best to provide a bountiful harvest for our members.   However, vegetable availability is always subject to weather, disease and pests.    We grow a diversity and variety of vegetables to help spread the risk of crop failure, but there can be growing setbacks.  If only a portion of the crop fails we compensate for the failed crop with others ready at the same time.  However, there is the unlikely possibility of a complete crop failure through some natural disaster ie floods, tornadoes, hail, rabbit zombies that causes complete crop loss.  (In which case, we will be very sad people.)
CSA members do receive first priority over farmers markets in the event of any crop problems.  Above all, you can always expect your farmers to be growing for you.