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4178 Bluebird Drive
Morganton, NC, 28655

(828) 584-7359

Farm Meats: Pastured Pork, Beef, Chicken, and Lamb. Fed Certified Organic Grains.  

Farm Vegetables: Growing using organic methods.  

Morganton, North Carolina


Bluebird Farm

Bluebird Farm
Bluebird Farm raises healthy, flavorful, vegetables, pastured meats, and eggs using techniques that improve the health of our land and contribute to a diverse farm ecosystem.  Our meat animals are fed certified organic grains.
     We are dedicated to building living soils to ensure the quality of our vegetables and animals.



vibrant vegetables
healthy livestock

Biological Practices. Holistic Management.


 Marie and William believe that food should be grown with biological methods that improve the health of the land, plants, and animals while sustaining the farmers that grow your food. Our greatest passion is to grow delicious food for you and your family while caring for the land.

Bluebird Farm raises vibrant vegetables, farm meats, and eggs using techniques that improve the health of our land and contribute to a diverse farm ecosystem.  Our meat animals are fed certified organic grains.  We are dedicated to building living soils to ensure the quality of our vegetables and animals.

Purchase our farm's food at local farmers markets or through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  We are proud to provide all of our customers with high-quality, ethical food while contributing to a healthy environment and our community. 


Spring Farm Tour

Come see the farm Saturday May 19th at 2:00pm!
Come see our vegetable fields, baby plants, layer hens, hoophouses, strawberries plants, sheep, baby pigs, antique and unusual tractors, and our view of the South Mountains.  You can place an order for pork and beef the day before the tour and pick it up after the tour.  Once we've done the farm tour and given the meat orders to folks, you'll have the option of a special beef tour- we'll drive about 1/2 mile over the hill to see our fabulous beef cows on the highland hill pastures.

We're doing a 2nd farm tour! Enjoy a lovely walking tour of the farm with our Assistant Farm Manager, Erica.  Marie will join the tour to say hello after finishing the Saturday Morganton Farmers Market packing and unpacking.  Enjoy a lovely walk around our Silver Creek Property, a large farm where all of our vegetable and livestock production is now located.  This beautiful farm is just down the road from our Bluebird Drive property where Marie grew up. 

Saturday May 19th. Bluebird Farm Tour 2pm (only 1 tour time) at our Silver Creek property.  Place a pork or beef order by noon the 18th and take home your order after the farm tour. 

Tours: $5 per car.  Bring your friends! All farm members (Community Supported Agriculture members) free. 
-Not a CSA farm member?  Get your $5 back if you sign up for one of our farm shares (veggie box, beef, or pork) at the tour.  Learn more about our CSA farm shares here.
-You can also get your $5 back if you place a meat order the day before the tour.


Tour is at our Silver Creek property at 4107 Trestlewood Lane, not the Bluebird Drive address that you might have visited to pickup meat orders. Don't be left behind, please follow directions here. On Westbound Interstate 40, take Exit 100 Jamestown Road and turn left at top of ramp across the bridge.  Go approx 1 mile and turn left on Conley Road. Go approx 2.8 miles and turn right on Crawley Higgens Road.  Go approx 1 mile, during a sharp curve the road turns into Trestlewood Ave (you might not notice this.) Continue until Trestlewood Ave pavement ends at a small 1 lane bridge and look for a Silver Creek Farm sign.  Go just 50 feet and turn right on gravel farm road.  (Don't go up the hill.) Continue across farm towards plastic covered hoophouses on far side of farm. Don't worry, small cars can go on the gravel roads.

Farm tour tips
-Wear close toed shoes for walking on lumpy ground- sneakers or waterproof boots. Our farm is flat and mowed with roads around it, but there are lots of lumpy spots.
-Bring plenty of water, sunglasses, and sunscreeen.
-The special beef tour will involve tall grass and steep hill pastures.
-We don't have a house nearby with indoor plumbing. There is an outdoor bathroom and handwashing spigot. If you prefer, you can stop at exit 100 Jamestown Road for the BP gas station bathroom.
-Wash your hands with soap at the farm after petting animals.


Meat for Cozy Meals

Flavorful farm meats for your family: beef and pork. 

     Fill your freezer and enjoy cozy meals that will nurture you and your loved ones.  Pork bratwurst sausage, thick bone in pork chops, beef roasts, country sausage, ground beef for burgers, pork chorizo for tacos, and flavorful salamis for gifts.
     Our meat pigs are fed certified organic grains. Our cows graze and rotate through grass year round and eat supplements of non-GMO brewer's barley.

Small Family Pork Pack
Don't know what to get but love flavorful pasture pork? Order our Small Family Pork Pack to help fill your freezer. Thick pork chops, bratwurst, sweet Italian sausage, country sausage, ribs, and your choice of shoulder or ham pork roast. >>Order pack here<<

Reserve our Pork + Beef
Pickup at Farm + Markets

Order online and pickup at market
Enjoy our pork and beef.

Pickup at the farm, and we deliver special orders placed on our online store to Farmers Markets in Hickory, Morganton, and Charlotte. We'll hold your pork and beef and you'll know we have exactly what you want when you come to market.

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Farmers' Markets

Charlotte Regional Market + Morganton Farmers Market on Saturdays
Wednesday Hickory Farmers Market

For the freshest vibrant produce and delicious farm meats, come visit us at one of the 3 farmers' markets that we attend weekly from April-November. 
Shop from the source!
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Become a Member this Spring

Community Supported Agriculture

 Beef and Pork Shares. Vegetable Box Shares, Morganton Market Shares.

Join the farm by buying a share of the year’s harvest of in advance. Throughout the season, CSA members receive a bounty of delicious farm food.
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